Tricks of the Trade

Sharing orthodontic content on social media

There are many apps available to make watermarking through your phone easier. Most are free, but require a cost to access additional features. The following step-by-step instruction is through an app...

Tricks of the Trade: Anterior Crossbite Correction: Bevelled Resin Turbos

The mandibular incisor opposing the maxillary incisor in anterior crossbite is prepared with self-etch primer..

Tricks of the Trade: Benefits of Backlighting

A digital camera (eg Canon EOS 80D) with a macro ring flash (eg Canon MR14EX II) and one slave flash (eg Canon Speedlite, 430 EX III RT) is required (Figure 1)..

Tricks of the Trade: Easy Rotation of Anterior Teeth

By placing buttons on the opposite surfaces of a rotated anterior tooth (Figure 1a) and attaching the buttons with powerchain (Figure 1b) to the adjacent teeth attachments, a rotated tooth can be...