Tricks of the Trade

A trick to make the pontic stick

To counteract these problems with pontics, the following clinical tip is proposed..

Aesthetic and custom-made interim space maintainers

An 11-year-old patient was referred from a regional dental hospital paediatric department to the orthodontic department at Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, with replacement resorption of the UR1...

Sharing orthodontic content on social media

There are many apps available to make watermarking through your phone easier. Most are free, but require a cost to access additional features. The following step-by-step instruction is through an app...

Tricks of the Trade: Anterior Crossbite Correction: Bevelled Resin Turbos

The mandibular incisor opposing the maxillary incisor in anterior crossbite is prepared with self-etch primer..

Tricks of the Trade: Benefits of Backlighting

A digital camera (eg Canon EOS 80D) with a macro ring flash (eg Canon MR14EX II) and one slave flash (eg Canon Speedlite, 430 EX III RT) is required (Figure 1)..