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Current Live Edition: Volume 12 Number 4 - October 2019

P125  Editorial Comment:  Never a dull moment by J Sandler

The thing I have most loved about orthodontics is that there are always new clinical challenges and innovative techniques to push forward the frontiers of the specialty. There is always something to pique the interest of enthusiastic orthodontists who still get excited about the mechanics and...

P134  Orthodontics:  Multiple Unerupted Teeth – an Interesting Challenge by N Adam, A Flett, C Sandler  CPD

This paper describes primary failure of eruption and presents some of the theories about the aetiology of this clinical condition. It also covers single ankylosed teeth as well as cases that present with multiple unerupted teeth. The various approaches to the clinical management of this not...

P140  Orthodontics:  Primary Failure of Eruption – a Review and Case Report by B Marlow, K Parker, S Hodges  CPD

Partial or complete failure of tooth eruption may be due to several causes, including primary failure of eruption (PFE), and an accurate diagnosis is essential for appropriate management. This article reviews PFE and the possible treatment options. Case reports of two patients diagnosed with PFE...

P145  Orthodontics:  How to Design and Set Up a Clinical Trial Part 2: Protocols and Approvals by A Atwal, PE Benson  CPD

Data from clinical trials involving human participants are essential in establishing an evidence base about the safety and effectiveness of our treatments. This second article describes the steps involved in designing and setting up a clinical trial, from writing a protocol to gaining the necessary...