Cara Sandler

DCT1, Maxillofacial Surgery, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK

Root resorption: why we all need to get informed consent

A 12-year-old female presented in May 2016, in the permanent dentition, with a Class 3 skeletal pattern due to a mild maxillary hypoplasia, and a Class 3 incisor relationship and a retained upper...

Efficiency of Invisalign in contemporary orthodontic practice

This article has presented two cases that illustrate how clear aligners can provide a viable alternative to the ‘gold standard’ fixed appliances..

Tricks of the Trade: Easy Rotation of Anterior Teeth

By placing buttons on the opposite surfaces of a rotated anterior tooth (Figure 1a) and attaching the buttons with powerchain (Figure 1b) to the adjacent teeth attachments, a rotated tooth can be...

Multiple unerupted teeth – an interesting challenge

The term PFE was coined by Proffit and Vig in their seminal research on the topic.4 It is a rare condition with a prevalence of 0.06%.5 Subsequent research has refuted some of their initial...