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Tricks of the Trade: Easy Rotation of Anterior Teeth

From Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2021 | Page 48


Cara Sandler

BDS, MFDS, PG Cert, Orthodontic Registrar ST1

DCT1, Maxillofacial Surgery, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK

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Correction of severely rotated teeth poses a difficult challenge to orthodontists. A myriad of techniques to correct rotated teeth have been documented in the literature. Fixed appliances are the routine treatment for severely rotated maxillary incisors. The use of a fixed appliance and box loop fixed in the molar auxiliary tube, premolars and canine bracket was reported to correct a lower canine.1 Anterior single-tooth rotations can be corrected using rotating springs2 or a Whip appliance.3 Although rotation of posterior teeth poses even further challenges, the use of a transpalatal arch for rotation of first molars has been used now for many decades.4,5 Auxiliaries such as rotational wedges and ligatures are available and the use of custom-made rotational ligatures is also possible.6

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