Article: Volume 12 Number 4 Page 151 - October 2019

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  Orth Update 2019; 12: 151-156

Orthodontics:  Lingual Orthodontics with Customized Functional Appliance

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Abstract: Every treatment technique in the orthodontic specialty has its own set of advantages. Combining the techniques in an effective manner could result in a synergistic effect. Two such techniques are lingual orthodontics and functional orthopaedic appliances. This case report shows the effective and efficient use of a customized functional appliance, along with lingual orthodontics, in the management of Class II division 1 malocclusion. It emphasizes the importance of combining the benefits of different strategies of orthodontic treatment.

Clinical relevance: The use of a customized functional appliance along with lingual orthodontics can produce desirable changes in Class II division 1 cases and clinicians should be aware of these advantages.

Author notes: Sridhar Premkumar, MDS, Professor and Head of Orthodontics (email: and Varun Peter, Postgraduate Student, Department of Orthodontics, Tamilnadu Government Dental College and Hospital, Chennai, India.

Objective: To utilize the advantage of combining lingual orthodontics with custom-made functional appliances and communicate this to the patients using proper diagnosis and treatment planning.