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Anterior Crossbite Correction with a Lower Removable Appliance

From Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2019 | Pages 6-7


David Bearn


Professor of Orthodontics, Dundee Dental School, Park Place, Dundee DD1 4HR

Articles by David Bearn


This case demonstrates the use of a novel design of lower removable appliance to correct an anterior crossbite, by retracting the lower incisors.

CPD/Clinical Relevance: Patients usually do not tolerate lower removable appliances; however, this case highlights how a simple modification to a lower removable appliance can make it patient friendly and a useful appliance in the management of anterior crossbites in those cases where an upper appliance is not appropriate.


Anterior crossbites are usually present in the mixed dentition. The prevalence can vary depending on the age of the child examined and his/her country of origin. From a UK perspective, the prevalence has been reported to be between 7% and 10%.1 The orthodontic literature has numerous publications relating to the correction of single tooth anterior crossbites; the evidence in support of the most effective appliance is weak. This has been highlighted by a recent review of the literature in this area.2 Lower removable appliances are rarely used in orthodontics in the UK, usually due to poor compliance associated with discomfort from the appliance. However, there appears to be some reconsideration of this appliance and its versatility as articles have appeared in the literature regarding its use in the management of ectopic lower permanent canines.3,4 This case report focuses on the use of a lower removable appliance to correct an anterior crossbite in a child in the early mixed dentition.

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