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From Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2016 | Page 26


Timothy Jones


Dental Officer, Bridgwater Dental Access Centre, Bridgwater Community Hospital, 22 Salmon Parade, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5AN

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Handbook of Orthodontics, written by Professor Martyn Cobourne and Dr Andrew DiBiase, is a compact textbook of orthodontics aimed at practising orthodontists and students of orthodontics. First published in 2010, it has recently been updated for a second edition.

This book covers a broad range of topics relating to orthodontics, ranging from craniofacial genetics through to diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion.

The content is particularly appropriate for trainees in their first three years leading to the Membership in Orthodontics examination. The layout and description of diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion is logical, succinct and easily understandable. Owing to its size, it is not a daunting prospect to read, which is a great benefit to trainees struggling to grasp the intricacies of orthodontics in the early years. The photographs and diagrams throughout the book are of a very high quality and help to illustrate points and explain the more complex themes.

Special mention should also go to the genetics, craniofacial development and growth sections. Considering the length of the book, these sections make up a significant proportion of the text, which may initially put some readers off. These are large and complex topics which can be daunting to many orthodontists. However, the level of detail and descriptions are pitched at the perfect level, breaking each topic down to make it more easily understandable.

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