An introduction to orthodontics

From Volume 15, Issue 4, October 2022 | Page 173


Matthew Maguire

Foundation Dentist, Newcastle upon Tyne

Articles by Matthew Maguire


In its fifth edition, Littlewood and Mitchell's excellent textbook, provides the latest instalment summarizing core topics within the specialty of orthodontics.

This 25-chapter book gives a comprehensive overview of the essentials of orthodontics and, as such, is frequently used by dental students, at undergraduate level, by orthodontic therapists and also postgraduate orthodontic students at the start of specialty training. It is also a very superb resource for general dental practitioners looking to refine and refresh their knowledge with a succinct, evidence-based text.

This latest edition provides a complete update of current practices and the comprehensive text is complemented with 700 high-quality photographs and diagrams, plus many patient case studies allowing the reader an easily accessible overview of key topics, delivered in easily digestible chunks.

Two new chapters: ‘Hypodontia and orthodontics’ and ‘Clear aligners’ are an excellent addition to this book. Removable orthodontic aligner knowledge is essential for all members of the team, now that patients are bombarded with direct-to-consumer advertising regarding this treatment option. As a newly qualified dentist, I found this chapter particularly useful as my undergraduate training primarily focused on the general principals of assessment, and more traditional orthodontic treatments.

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