Thurs 20th January 2022 @7pm
NHS Dentistry Discussed: Making the Move from NHS to Private Dentistry – The FAQs
Nigel Jones, Michelle Hardy and Runeel Joye
Sponsored by Practice Plan


Weds 26th January 2022 @6pm
Goodwill Values – What’s Changed?
Andy Acton & Chris Strevens
Sponsored by FTA Finance


Thurs 24th February 2022 @7pm
The Advanced Full Arch Reconstruction Webinar
Dr Pynadath George and Dr Guy McLellan
Sponsored by Straumann


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Issue: Volume 14 Number 1 - January 2021

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P5  Editorial Comment:  2021. A call to arms by J Sandler

The New Year has started and, as the Prime Minister has put us into a third lockdown, it promises to be as much of a roller coaster as the year to which many of us have recently wished ‘good riddance’. With great fanfare, the AstraZeneca (Oxford) and Moderna vaccines have been approved for use, and...  Read more


P8  Orthodontics:  Endogenous Tongue Thrust – Myth? by Y Lam, A Shelton, J Sandler

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Anterior open bite cases are very challenging to manage due to the high relapse potential associated with this feature of malocclusion. It is helpful if the aetiology is established before embarking on treatment to ensure that the appropriate treatment modalities are carried out. Determining...  Read more

P14  Orthodontics:  Patient Questionnaires in Orthodontics by S Barber, A Shelton

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Questionnaires are versatile tools that allow data to be collected from different respondent groups for a range of purposes. This article outlines the use of questionnaires in orthodontics for research, quality improvement and clinical purposes. We highlight the importance of questionnaire design,...  Read more

P21  Orthodontics:  Partial Glossectomy as an adjunct to Orthodontic Treatment of Anterior Open Bite Associated with Macroglossia: A Case Report by TK Mittal, K Achal, JT Taylor, JD Kindelan

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Orthodontic treatment of an anterior open bite is one of the most challenging malocclusions to treat, especially with respect to post-treatment stability. Complete diagnosis and targeted treatment is required for successful post treatment stability. In instances where macroglossia is the primary...  Read more

P27  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Conundrums Part 2: Finishing Cases to a Class III Molar Relationship by NI Adam, A Jowett, T Hodge

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This is the second article in a series on conundrums in orthodontics. A Class I molar relationship is a frequent aim of orthodontic treatment. There are, however, examples where intentionally finishing to a Class III molar relationship is the more pragmatic and preferable option. Pursuing this...  Read more

P32  Orthodontics:  An Evidence-based Protocol for the Management of Orthodontic Patients Undergoing MRI Scans by R Shivam, S Rogers, N Drage

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses strong magnetic fields, magnetic gradients and radio waves to produce images of the body. The demand for MRI is steadily increasing as it does not use ionizing radiation and has excellent soft tissue contrast. Certain materials used in components of fixed...  Read more

P36  Orthodontics:  Traumatic Iatrogenic Complications Associated with Orthodontic Treatments: A Systematic Review by S Manouchehri, A Rezaei Haddad, K Shakib

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Adverse outcomes of orthodontic treatment have been reported in the literature, yet there are currently no systematic reviews on the subject. We undertook a comprehensive review of the literature using the Medline and Ovid electronic databases, complemented by manual searching. The occurrence of...  Read more

P44  Orthodontics:  Stainless steel ligatures in orthodontic treatment by M Elhussein, J Sandler

Using stainless steel auxiliary ligatures in conjunction with fixed orthodontic appliances is of paramount importance in many stages of orthodontic treatment. There is a lack of articles in the literature that provides a comprehensive review of the uses of different methods of ligation in...  Read more

P48  Tricks of the Trade:  Easy Rotation of Anterior Teeth by C Sandler

Correction of severely rotated teeth poses a difficult challenge to orthodontists. A myriad of techniques to correct rotated teeth have been documented in the literature.   Read more