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Issue: Volume 13 Number 4 - October 2020

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P153  Editorial Comment:  In the ‘blink of an eye’ by J Sandler

Alison and I departed these shores on Friday March 6th without a care in the world. We were heading for the Caribbean for a well-earned rest. Of course we had heard of the ‘goings on’ in Wuhan, following the identification of the Covid virus in January, and of course we knew one case had been...  Read more


P154  Orthodontics:  The South Wales Peer Review Group: A Case Study in Collaboration Part 2 by N Mhani, P Fowler, B Lewis, C Chandler, A Ulhaq, C Smith, J Willi

A two-part article is presented where a novel case study of how peer group collaboration, facilitated through digital technology, can be used to aid and facilitate the development of strategies for overcoming work-based challenges. Part 1 illustrated the importance of peer review in dentistry,...  Read more

P165  Orthodontics:  Social Media and Orthodontics by T Frawley, P Scott, A Shelton, A Smith

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Social media has become increasingly relevant to Orthodontics in several ways. This article highlights how both current and prospective patients may utilize social media to access information about, and voice their experiences of, orthodontic treatment. The applications of this to orthodontic...  Read more

P170  Orthodontics:  Surgical Methods for Accelerating Orthodontic Tooth Movement by A Ulhaq, E McCrory, E Besi

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The ability to consistently reduce orthodontic treatment time without adverse outcomes would be an attractive prospect. Several surgical interventions have been described aimed at accelerating orthodontic tooth movement. The aim of this review is to identify and evaluate the current evidence...  Read more

P180  Orthodontics:  A Case Series of Tooth Autotransplantation in Three Children with Different Presenting Complaints by M Taheny, N O’Murchu, P McLaughlin, D Cross

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This case series presents three successful cases of autotransplantation in paediatric patients at Glasgow Dental Hospital with differing clinical presentations. It successfully demonstrates the versatility of the technique.  Read more

P188  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Conundrums Part 1: Transposition & an Update on Presentation and Treatment Modalities by NI Adam, A Jowett, T Hodge

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This is the first article in a three-part series considering uncommon dental anomalies and treatment approaches. Dental transpositions are rare anomalies which may present to the general dental practitioner or orthodontist. The management of transpositions is dependent on several factors, including...  Read more

P200  Tricks of the Trade:  Palatal Canine Alignment during Functional Appliance Treatment by D Shelat, J Russell

All Orthodontists aim to provide time efficient treatment for their patients. This clinical tip shortens treatment time as well as providing an anchorage reinforcing solution to a relatively frequent Orthodontic problem.  Read more