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Issue: Volume 13 Number 2 - April 2020

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P49  Editorial Comment:  Primum non nocere by J Sandler

Today (2 March 2020), the Oral Health Foundation has teamed up with the British Orthodontic Society to launch the ‘Safe Brace Campaign’ to help protect the great British public against the onslaught of ‘Do It Yourself’ braces.  Read more


P50  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Pain by S Grewal, LMJ Harris, S Ponduri, H Naish, P Ellis, JR Sandy, An

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Pain is a common side-effect of orthodontic treatment. The aetiology of orthodontic pain, pain pathways and pain management will be described.  Read more

P57  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Bonding to Atypical Tooth Surfaces by N Prado, S Caldwell, M Ashley

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Orthodontic bonding techniques continue to evolve with the ever-changing population. With the demand for orthodontic treatment increasing, the specialty is regularly presented with restored dentitions, anterior crowns, bleached teeth, as well as those presenting with developmental conditions, such...  Read more

P64  Orthodontics:  Treatment with Invisalign® in Specialist Practice by T Henrikson

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Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® can produce a high quality treatment outcome. As in all orthodontic methods, however, there is a steep learning curve. The most important factor is for the clinician responsible for the case to take full control when planning and working with the case using...  Read more

P72  Orthodontics:  The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Life as a New Consultant – an Anecdotal Review Part 1 by AMC Flett

This first of a two-part article aims to provide a road map to the budding clinician wishing to take on the role of a Consultant Orthodontist. Part 1 suggests what to consider when taking up a new post and how to create an ideal unit. Part 2 will provide the author’s personal insight into the first...  Read more

P78  Orthodontics:  Tooth Autotransplantation Part 4: Alternative Treatment Options by S Barber, A Al-Khayatt, N Houghton

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Tooth autotransplantation is a versatile and successful technique if used in suitable cases; however, it is not always the optimal treatment choice. This article will explore alternative treatment strategies for managing failing or missing teeth, including methods for managing the bone, orthodontic...  Read more

P89  Orthodontics:  A Novel Way to Identify Individual Eruption Chains by A Bronkhorst, V Santhanam, HG Jeremiah

A common way of treating impacted teeth is by orthodontic extrusion. When the teeth are deeply buried in the alveolar bone a closed eruption technique is often indicated. When multiple teeth are impacted and need to be extruded in a particular sequence, it may be difficult to be sure which eruption...  Read more

P93  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Tissue Control for Bonding to Impacted Canines by JA Vesey

Open exposure for palatally impacted canines is an effective and well documented technique, with the tooth erupting into the palate relatively quickly, and usually without complication.  Read more