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Issue: Volume 13 Number 1 - January 2020

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P5  Editorial Comment:  Brave new world by J Sandler

And could they have chosen a more appropriate date? Friday 13th of December . . .   Read more

P41  Tricks of the Trade:  Painless Removal of Full Thickness Rectangular Stainless Steel Archwires by FB Naini, DS Gill

The elimination of pain and discomfort is a major goal in orthodontic treatment. When using a 0.022” x 0.028” bracket slot, a working archwire of 0.019” x 0.025” or even 0.0215” x 0.025” dimensions may be required during treatment.   Read more


P6  Orthodontics:  Effective Multidisciplinary Approach for Treatment of Traumatized Maxillary Incisors and Hypodontia by M Elhussein, JJ O’Dwyer, J Sandler

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Fractured and missing teeth within the aesthetic zone have always posed a clinical challenge for the dental team. Management and treatment requires the input from a number of dental specialists to guarantee a high quality result. A case report is presented to demonstrate an effective combined...  Read more

P10  Orthodontics:  An Unusual Case of SMMCI Syndrome: Supernumerary Midline Central Incisor in Siblings by H Morison, T Gillgrass, E Dunbar, R Welbury

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This is the first reported case of siblings with Solitary Median Maxillary Central Incisor (SMMCI) syndrome presenting with an erupted single symmetrical central maxillary midline incisor between normal central incisors. Usually only one central incisor is present. This case is also interesting as...  Read more

P17  Orthodontics:  Achieving Correction of a Posterior Scissorbite with a Mini-screw by J Matharu, L Macey-Dare, J Dickson, J Farrier

Scissorbite correction of posterior teeth can often be challenging. For adolescent patients, they may occur due to late eruption of the second permanent molar teeth after appliances are removed, or due to operator preference not to include them on the appliance. This case report describes a...  Read more

P20  Orthodontics:  An Unusual Presentation of Dental Transposition Caused by Digit-Sucking by I Shargill, SJ Littlewood

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This article describes the case of a 12-year-old boy who presented with a unique digit-sucking habit which has led to transposition of the lower lateral incisors with the lower canines. The aetiology, pathology and management are described for digit-sucking habits and dental transposition.  Read more

P25  Orthodontics:  First Premolar Ankylosis by G Oliver, H Nevard, M McKnight

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A case is described of a 13-year-old boy who presented with infra-occluded primary molars in three quadrants. Creation of space allowed the second premolars in two quadrants to erupt spontaneously. The first premolar in the remaining quadrant did not erupt spontaneously, failing to reach occlusal...  Read more

P30  Orthodontics:  Case Report of a Geminated Premolar and Hypodontia by P Sinnott, S Sah, C Barker

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This case report describes the diagnosis and treatment of a non-syndromic unilateral geminated second premolar complicated by hypodontia of three second premolars. Gemination is defined as a developmental disturbance of the shape of teeth and is usually recognized as a partial cleavage of a single...  Read more

P35  Orthodontics:  Dilemma in Closing the Bite: a Case of Orthognathic Surgery by S Mehta, AT Kamath, A Kudva, G Srikanth, A Urala

This case report demonstrates treatment of an open bite case with a history of trauma to the maxillary anterior region in childhood. A 20-year-old adult male presented with a convex profile and significant anterior bite and unilateral posterior crossbite. Surgical bite correction was planned but...  Read more