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Issue: Volume 12 Number 3 - July 2019

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P85  Editorial Comment:  A glimpse into the future... by J Sandler

These are such uncertain times at present . . . nobody has any idea what the future holds politically, economically or indeed on any other front. It is therefore enormously reassuring for me, when I received the paperwork for our forthcoming Editorial board meeting next month, to see that we have...  Read more


P86  Orthodontics:  Integrating Lingual Orthodontics into Specialist Practice by T Hodge, M Kidner, AT Shelton

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Lingual orthodontics as a treatment modality has gained popularity over recent years as adults increasingly seek treatment to align their teeth, but with the minimum aesthetic impact in the process. This article will show how lingual orthodontics can be introduced into the clinical practice.  Read more

P92  Orthodontics:  Nasal Considerations with the Le Fort I Osteotomy by T McSwiney, S Khan, D Dhariwal

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Orthognathic surgery involves the correction of severe dentofacial deformities through a combination of orthodontics, surgery and, occasionally, restorative dentistry. This procedure, when involving surgical movement of the maxilla, can lead to changes in the overlying nasal morphology. In this...  Read more

P98  Orthodontics:  Tooth Autotransplantation 2: The Interdisciplinary Approach with Emphasis on the Orthodontic Aspects by Z Jawad, S Barber, M Duggal, N Houghton

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Autotransplantation relies on successful interdisciplinary teamwork, utilizing the skills of each team member to optimize the outcome. During treatment planning, orthodontic input is required to determine whether orthodontic treatment is indicated and if a suitable donor tooth will be available....  Read more

P106  Orthodontics:  Methods of Applying Traction to Unerupted Maxillary Incisors and Safety Considerations by K Parker, P Acharya, JM Collins

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Unerupted maxillary incisors should be identified and managed promptly. When exposure and bonding of a gold chain to an unerupted tooth is indicated, there are multiple methods that can be used to apply traction to the tooth. This paper outlines the different methods available, their advantages and...  Read more

P111  Orthodontics:  How to Design and Set Up a Clinical Trial Part 1: the Research Question by A Atwal, PE Benson

Data from clinical trials involving human participants are essential in establishing an evidence base about the safety and effectiveness of our treatments. This first article describes the steps involved in designing and setting up a clinical trial, from establishing the research question(s) to...  Read more

P117  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Compressed Coil Spring – a Useful Technique by C Sandler

When a compressed section of open Nickel Titanium push coil has to be placed between two teeth, either to re-open a narrow interdental space or perhaps to distalize posterior teeth, it is sometimes quite tricky to compress the coil at the same time as seating the archwire.  Read more