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Issue: Volume 12 Number 2 - April 2019

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P45  Editorial Comment:  Go for the 'nice life' by J Sandler

One piece of advice that I have given to every one of my trainees over the past 25 years is to keep the parents out of the treatment room.   Read more


P46  Orthodontics:  Ethical Dilemmas in Orthodontics by AJ Burns, JH Noar

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Those practising orthodontics frequently face ethical dilemmas. This article seeks to explore dilemmas, which the authors consider arise often in the field of orthodontics. The emphasis is on best practice, evidence-based practice and prioritizing patients’ interests.  Read more

P53  Orthodontics:  The European Board of Orthodontists: a Challenge at any Stage by C Brierley, T Hodge

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Recognizing differences in the standards of orthodontic postgraduate education across Europe, the European Board of Orthodontists was established in 1997 with the aim of providing a standard against which an orthodontist could be judged independent of national barriers and, in so doing, promoting...  Read more

P63  Orthodontics:  Tooth Autotransplantation Part 1: Uses, Indications and Factors Affecting Success by J Monteiro, S Barber, Z Jawad, M Duggal, N Houghton

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Management of severe traumatic injuries and complex dental anomalies in children requires a holistic approach with planning for both short- and long-term eventualities. The goal is to provide biological treatment that maximizes the long-term dental health, appearance and function. Tooth...  Read more

P70  Orthodontics:  The Best of Both Worlds? Combining Specialist Practice with Hospital Consultancy by P Scott, AT Shelton

This article describes the experience of undertaking post specialty consultant training, on a part-time basis, with its advantages and disadvantages, and how this experience is transferred into a current practice combining a hospital consultant and specialist practice position, with its challenges...  Read more

P77  Tricks of the Trade:  Patient Friendly Elastic Applicator by A Bansal, RD Naik, AK Patil

A successful orthodontic treatment goes hand in hand with patient compliance and clinician skills. One of the most difficult tasks in orthodontics for patients is engaging elastics, which often leads to poor patient compliance and frustration.   Read more