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Issue: Volume 12 Number 1 - January 2019

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P5  Editorial Comment:  The Snowflake Generation. . . what are they like? by J Sandler

It is our fault that the younger generation have grown up to be ‘censorious cry-babies’,1 at least according to Claire Fox from the Institute of Ideas.  Read more


P6  Orthodontics:  Anterior Crossbite Correction with a Lower Removable Appliance by F Borrie, D Bearn

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This case demonstrates the use of a novel design of lower removable appliance to correct an anterior crossbite, by retracting the lower incisors.  Read more

P8  Orthodontics:  Multidisciplinary Management of Maxillary Regional Odontodysplasia by S Jeffery, GR Brock, JE Harrison, CJ Butterworth

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This case report describes the multidisciplinary clinical management of a male patient, diagnosed at the age of 7, with Regional Odontodysplasia of the right maxilla. Following fixed orthodontic treatment to align his teeth, extraction of malformed teeth and subsequent bone grafting, the patient...  Read more

P13  Orthodontics:  Multidisciplinary Treatment – A Case Report by SE Griffiths, J Sandler

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This article describes the multidisciplinary management of a 10-year-old boy who presented with severe hypodontia. Treatment involved tooth transplantation and space opening for the provision of single unit osseointegrated implants. It will demonstrate the need for good lines of communication...  Read more

P18  Orthodontics:  Multiple Recurrent Supernumerary Teeth: A Case Report by M Owaise Sharif, F Ahmed, M Nazir

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Supernumerary teeth affect approximately 1−3% of the population, however, recurrent supernumerary teeth are extremely rare (prevalence = 0.0001%) and may be associated with undiagnosed syndromes. The syndromes associated with recurrent supernumerary teeth vary widely and a diagnosis often...  Read more

P22  Orthodontics:  Temporary Mental Nerve Paraesthesia: a Complication of Orthodontic Treatment by Y Sharkouskaya, G Earl Read-Ward, A Morton, A McNair

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This case report describes the management of a 16-year-old female patient who presented with mental nerve paraesthesia which developed during orthodontic treatment. The diagnosis was determined based on history taken, clinical and radiographic examination. Treatment involved removal of fixed...  Read more

P25  Orthodontics:  Orofacial Granulomatosis in an Orthodontic Patient: a Case Report by A Ulhaq, K Tidbury

A case is presented of a 14-year-old male patient being treated with a fixed orthodontic appliance who presented with a persistent upper lip swelling. The patient was experiencing discomfort from the appliance and the appliance was debonded. A diagnosis of orofacial granulomatosis was established...  Read more

P29  Orthodontics:  Assessment of Facial Asymmetry in Orthognathic Patients by C Gibson, J Noar

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Discrepancies between dental and facial midlines are not uncommon and these may have a dental or a skeletal cause. When planning orthognathic surgery, a decision must be made whether to accept or correct these. This paper presents a simple technique that uses graph paper to evaluate any midline...  Read more

P32  Orthodontics:  Simultaneous Bilateral Intrusion of Supra-Erupted Maxillary Molars using Miniscrew Implants by AA Shetty, AS Shetty, RD Naik, AK Patil

The loss of lower molars often leads to over-eruption of the opposing maxillary molars, combined with insufficient clearance for lower prosthetic restorations. The available treatment options are either a significant reduction of the maxillary teeth, often associated with endodontic treatment, or...  Read more

P37  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Secure Spring Separators by V Vatsala, RD Naik Anand K Patil

Accidental aspiration or ingestion of orthodontic materials is a common problem among patients and a major concern for orthodontists.  Read more