23rd August 2022 @7pm
Question Time: The latest NHS dental contract update
Nigel Jones & Eddie Crouch
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25th August 2022 @7pm
The 3M™ Filtek™ Family: An award-winning restorative composite portfolio
Dr John Rafelt
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1st September 2022 @7pm
Deep-Dive into Digital Orthodontics
Dr Steffen Decker & Sarah MacDonald
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Article: Volume 15 Number 3 Page 111 - July 2022

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  Orthodontic Update 59: 111-112

Editorial Comment:  Extraordinary Guest Editorial

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Abstract: I penned an editorial in the previous issue of Orthodontic Update entitled ‘It beggars belief’ describing the unfathomable decision by RCS Edinburgh to remove treated cases from their version of the MOrth examination.1 There then followed quite some email ‘chatter’. We have therefore decided to take the unusual step of printing an ‘Extraordinary Guest Editorial’ giving the RCS Edinburgh’s ‘justification’ of their monumental change, alongside a sample of the letters I have received on the subject. I will let you, the readership, be the judge of the wisdom of their approach.

Author notes: Jonathan Sandler

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