Article: Volume 14 Number 3 Page 135 - July 2021

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  Orth Update 2021; 14: 135-137

Orthodontics:  Shark teeth: a case of multiple supernumerary teeth

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Abstract: A 44-year-old male was referred to the Department of Orthodontics at Manchester Dental Hospital. He presented with pain from his heavily restored, lower right second premolar, which had an apical supplemental tooth, visible radiographically. The dentist queried whether the second premolar tooth could be extracted and the supplemental tooth aligned in its place. Clinical examination revealed no relevant abnormalities. The family and medical history were non-contributory. Panoramic tomography revealed multiple supplemental supernumerary teeth in the canine and premolar regions. Cone beam computed tomography and multidisciplinary team input were required to plan the treatment for this unusual case.

Clinical relevance: These findings highlight the management and treatment options for a case of non-syndromic, multiple supernumerary teeth. Consideration must be given to the risk of damage to adjacent structures if surgically removing supernumerary teeth, and the risk that supernumerary teeth may be ankylosed and not amenable to alignment within the arch.

Author notes: Fionnuala Loy, BDS (Hons), Dental Core Trainee, Trinity College Dublin. Victoria Elton, BChD Leeds (Hons), MDentSci (Dist), MFDS RCS (Eng), MOrth RCS (Ed), FDS (Orth) RCS (Eng), Orthodontic Department, University Dental Hospital of Manchester. Email:

Objective: The reader should gain knowledge of the syndromes and relevant medical history associated with supernumerary teeth and understand the various options for managing them, including the risks and benefits.