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Article: Volume 13 Number 4 Page 188 - October 2020

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  Orth Update 2020; 13: 188-198

Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Conundrums Part 1: Transposition & an Update on Presentation and Treatment Modalities

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Abstract: This is the first article in a three-part series considering uncommon dental anomalies and treatment approaches. Dental transpositions are rare anomalies which may present to the general dental practitioner or orthodontist. The management of transpositions is dependent on several factors, including the sub-type, severity and the other salient features of the malocclusion. Transposition may either be accepted or orthodontically corrected and the adoption of either approach must be preceded by thorough assessment of the patient.

Clinical relevance: The presentation and management of transposition is variable. The general dental practitioner must be aware of the clinical features of a developing transposition as certain treatment options are only possible before the transposition is fully established. In addition, the orthodontist must be mindful of the potential for iatrogenic harm if these dental anomalies are managed injudiciously.

Author notes: Naeem I Adam, BDS(Hons), MJDF RCS(Eng), Specialty Registrar in Orthodontics, Leeds Dental Institute/St Luke’s Hospital Bradford, Adam Jowett, BDS(Hons), Specialty Registrar in Orthodontics, Leeds Dental Institute and Trevor Hodge, BDS, MFDS, MPhil, MOrth(RCS Ed), FDSOrth(RCS Ed), FDS RCS(Eng), FHEA, FDTF RCS(Ed), Consultant Orthodontist, Leeds Dental Institute, Clarendon Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9LU, UK.

Objective: To provide an overview of the common forms of dental transposition and illustrate the options available for management.