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FIPO – Functional Indirect posterior Onlays – Concept Part 1 by Dr Riaz Yar and Nik Sethi

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Article: Volume 13 Number 4 Page 154 - October 2020

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  Orth Update 2020; 13: 154-163

Orthodontics:  The South Wales Peer Review Group: A Case Study in Collaboration Part 2

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Abstract: A two-part article is presented where a novel case study of how peer group collaboration, facilitated through digital technology, can be used to aid and facilitate the development of strategies for overcoming work-based challenges. Part 1 illustrated the importance of peer review in dentistry, introduced the inception of the South Wales Peer Review Group and explored the process of assembling the team of collaborators. Part 2 explains how the various considerations were assessed, how the collaborative ideas evolved and what outcomes were agreed. The topics for future discussion, necessary to overcome the challenges ahead, are also outlined.

Clinical relevance: During the COVID-19 pandemic, new strategies and protocols need to be developed to adhere to emerging and changing guidelines. The process of peer group collaboration is important for shaping the new service beyond the pandemic.

Author notes: Nizar Mhani, BSc, BDS, MScD, MFDS, MOrth(RCSEd), FDS Orth, MPhil, Consultant, Honorary Lecturer and Founder of SWPRG, Royal Gwent Hospital, Nevill Hall Hospital, Peter Fowler, BDS, MSc, PhD, MOrth RCS, FRACDS(Orth), Consultant, Senior Lecturer, Graduate Programme Director, Bristol Dental Hospital, Benjamin Lewis, BDS, MFDS, MClinDent, MOrth(RCSEng), FDSOrth, Consultant, Wrexham and Glan Clywd, Carlen Chandler, DDS(UWI), MFDS(RCSEd), MOrth(RCSEd), MRAC SDS(Orth), Senior Clinical Teacher, Cardiff University, Aman Ulhaq, BDS, MFDS, MSc, MOrth(RCSEd), FDSOrth, Consultant, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Clinical Lead, Edinburgh Dental Institute, Christine Smith, BDS, MFDS, MSc, MOrth, Specialist in Orthodontics, Dublin/Meath, Julie Williams, Consultant, BDS, DDS, MOrth, FDS, MFDT CertEd, FHEA, MATraining Programme Director, South West England, Stefan Abela, BChD, MFDS RCSEng, MSc, MOrth(RCSEd), GCAP AHEA, FDSOrth RCSEd, Consultant, South-East England and Upen Vithlani, BDS, MFDS(RCSEd), Principal Dentist and Director, Leamington Spa, UK.

Objective: To encourage collaboration amongst peers to enhance and redesign services in the face of challenges.