Article: Volume 12 Number 4 Page 134 - October 2019

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  Orth Update 2019; 12: 134-139

Orthodontics:  Multiple Unerupted Teeth – an Interesting Challenge

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Abstract: This paper describes primary failure of eruption and presents some of the theories about the aetiology of this clinical condition. It also covers single ankylosed teeth as well as cases that present with multiple unerupted teeth. The various approaches to the clinical management of this not uncommon problem are discussed, along with the pros and cons of some of these techniques. One difficult clinical challenge is documented, where a 14-year-old patient presented with 19 unerupted permanent teeth and, with the help of rare-earth magnets and upper and lower fixed appliances, within a two-year period a good result was achieved.

Clinical relevance: Clinicians encounter teeth that have failed to erupt on a regular basis. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning of these cases, and subsequent effective clinical management, is imperative to ensure the most favourable outcome for our patients.

Author notes: Naeem Adam, BDS(Hons) MaxFac DCT2, Leeds Dental Hospital (email:, Andrew Flett, BDS, MJDF RCS, MClinDent, MOrth RCS, Consultant Orthodontist, Nottingham University Hospital and Cara Sandler, BDS MaxFac DCT1, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK.

Objective: To describe the different situations in which a tooth or teeth might fail to erupt and discuss appropriate management plans.