Article: Volume 12 Number 3 Page 98 - July 2019

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  Orth Update 2019; 12: 98-105

Orthodontics:  Tooth Autotransplantation 2: The Interdisciplinary Approach with Emphasis on the Orthodontic Aspects

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Abstract: Autotransplantation relies on successful interdisciplinary teamwork, utilizing the skills of each team member to optimize the outcome. During treatment planning, orthodontic input is required to determine whether orthodontic treatment is indicated and if a suitable donor tooth will be available. The orthodontist has a role in providing pre-surgical orthodontics to prepare the recipient site for the donor tooth and post-surgical orthodontics to correct the malocclusion fully and achieve the treatment goals. This article will outline the role of the interdisciplinary team members with an emphasis on the orthodontic aspects of treatment planning and the orthodontic treatment components of the autotransplantation pathway.

Clinical relevance: Orthodontists have a key role in the autotransplantation team for both planning and provision of care. This article provides information for clinicians who wish to refer patients for autotransplantation or provide orthodontic care as part of the interdisciplinary team.

Author notes: Zynab Jawad, BChD, MFDS(RCS Eng), MSc, MOrth(RCS Ed), Post-CCST Registrar in Orthodontics, Leeds Dental Institute, Sophy Barber, BDS, MJDF(RCS Eng), MSc, MOrth(RCS Ed), Post-CCST Registrar in Orthodontics, Leeds Dental Institute, (email: Monty Duggal, BDS, MDSc, FDS Paed Dent(RCS Eng), PhD, Professor in Paediatric Dentistry, National University Health System, Singapore and Nadine Houghton, BDS, MFDS, MDSci, MOrth(RCS Eng), FDS Orth(RCS Eng), Consultant Orthodontist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, Bradford, UK.

Objective: To outline the role of members of the interdisciplinary team and describe the role of the orthodontist in treatment planning and providing pre- and post-surgical treatment for patients undergoing autotransplantation.