Article: Volume 8 Number 1 Page 19 - January 2015

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  Orth Update 2015; 8: 19-22

Orthodontics:  Generalized Severe Idiopathic External Root Resorption and the Importance of Pre-Treatment Radiographs: A Case Report

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Abstract: This report discusses a case of rare idiopathic root resorption in a 13-year-old female and highlights how an upper standard occlusal radiograph proved to be pivotal in the diagnosis and demonstration of its incidence. Management of the case is described, with discussion of treatment alternatives.

Clinical relevance: Generalized idiopathic external root resorption is progressive. Before commencing orthodontic treatment, adequate clinical and radiographic examination is essential to facilitate appropriate management. Currently, UK orthodontists do not routinely take an upper standard occlusal radiograph pre-treatment. However, this case highlights the benefit of such diagnostic imaging, in specific circumstances.

Author notes: Tina Halai, BDS, MJDF RCS(Eng), DF2, Natalie Milner, BDS(Hons), MJDF RCS(Eng), DF2, Madiha Al-Anqoodi, BDS, MFDS RCS(Ire), Postgraduate in Orthodontics and Mariyah Nazir, BDS(Hons), MPhil, MFDS RCS(Eng), MOrth RCS(Ed), FDS (Orth) RCS(Eng), Consultant Orthodontist, University Dental Hospital of Manchester, Higher Cambridge Street, Manchester M15 6FH, UK.

Objective: To understand the clinical treatment implications of idiopathic root resorption and to be able to justify appropriate radiographs when suspicion of such a condition is raised.