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Bioclear Method – A Predictable Solution for Deep Marginal Adaption and Crack/Cuspal Protection with Direct Composite Cuspal Overlays
Dr Claire Burgess
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Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
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Article: Volume 7 Number 2 Page 59 - April 2014

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  Orthodontic Update 26: 59-66

Orthodontics:  Comparing Relapse after Occlusion using Begg and Biocryl Retainers

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Abstract: Stability of the occlusion after orthodontic treatment is a major goal clinicians set for themselves at the onset of treatment. To achieve this stability, retention becomes a dynamic part of orthodontics. Therefore, this study was conducted to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of Begg (wraparound) and Biocryl retainers in the prevention of relapse. Fifty patients with an Angle’s Class I bimaxillary occlusion were selected for the study and randomly divided into two retention groups: Group 1 with Begg wraparound retainers and Group 2 with Biocryl retainers. Dental records, including dental casts, OPGs and lateral cephalograms were collected at pre-treatment (T1), post-treatment (T2) and one year post-retention (T3). The results showed no statistically significant difference between the two retainers, on comparison. However, Biocryl retainers were more effective in maintaining the inclination of lower incisors with respect to NB (Nasion to point B) and lower anterior alignment. Thus, Biocryl retainers are an aesthetic alternative to Begg retainers in the prevention of relapse.

Clinical relevance: Retention is a continuation of orthodontic treatment after removal of the fixed appliance. This study highlighted the importance of retainers in maintenance of orthodontic corrections achieved. In addition it compares two retainers and provides a clinical perspective on the ideal retainer to be used.

Author notes: Surbhi Arora, BDS, MDS, Consulting Orthodontist and Roopak D Naik, BDS, MDS, Associate Professor and Postgraduate Guide, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Sattur, Dharwad-580 009, Karnataka, India.

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of Begg (wraparound) and Biocryl (vacuum-formed) retainers.

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