Issue: Volume 11 Number 2 - April 2018

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P45  Editorial Comment:  Comment by J Sandler

Alison and I have just spent almost a week in Sydney as guests of the Australian Orthodontic Society. We caught up with many colleagues who trained in the UK in the nineties and noughties, and then went to seek their fortune in the Antipodes.  Read more


P46  Orthodontics:  Distraction Osteogenesis Part 2: Technical Aspects by S Barber, L Carter, C Mannion, C Bates

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The history and uses of Distraction Osteogenesis (DO) in the craniofacial region have previously been discussed. In this second part of the review the technical aspects of DO and the role of the different team members in the multidisciplinary care are described. The orthodontist is a key member of...  Read more

P55  Orthodontics:  The Aberrant Molar by TK Mittal, NE Atack, HJ Naish, JC Williams, JS Puryer, JR Sandy, AJ Ireland

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The eruption of the molar teeth represents the start and end of the establishment of the permanent dentition. This process often occurs without event, but occasionally abnormalities of eruption occur and most frequently this affects the third molar. This article gives an overview of the possible...  Read more

P61  Orthodontics:  Separators: A Review of Uses and Limitations by D Patel, S Mubeen, N Taylor

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Orthodontic separators (commonly known as spacers) are elastomeric or metal auxiliary appliances, which are often used in Orthodontics to create space between teeth and allow fitting of an orthodontic band. Separators can also be used to create space for other reasons such as to facilitate...  Read more

P67  Orthodontics:  Nemaline Myopathy and Severe Dentofacial Deformity - a Case Report by J Deans, P Durning

Nemaline myopathy is one of the congenital muscular weakness disorders that are associated with dentofacial deformity and malocclusion. This case report describes the clinical and radiographic features of an individual with a severe form of the disease. A review of the published literature...  Read more

P74  Orthodontics:  A Concealed Central Giant Cell Granuloma and Its Combined Orthodontic and Surgical Management by AN Beech, JN Farrier

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Central giant cell granulomas (CGCGs) can be aggressive lesions that lead to bony expansion, tooth displacement and root resorption. Often noticed by a patient when small to moderate in size, we present a case of large CGCG that was undetected in a 13-year-old due to ongoing fixed orthodontic...  Read more

P77  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Enhancing Performance of Ni-Ti Auxiliary Archwires by E Habib, D Shelat, D Spary

The mechanics involved in orthodontic alignment of impacted teeth can be challenging.  Read more

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