Issue: Volume 11 Number 4 - October 2018

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P125  Editorial Comment:  Solidarity with Europe? by J Sandler

In 2008, the Network of Erasmus Based European Orthodontic Programmes (NEBEOP) was formed as an initiative of Professors Anne Marie Kuijpers Jagtmann and Stavros Kiliarides to allow exchange of information, opinions and ideas on orthodontic training requirements.  Read more

P155  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Molar Distalization with Double Loop Archwire Distalizer by A Sivakumar, J Sharan, VS Nayak

Loops are an integral part of orthodontic mechanotherapy. They deliver a predictable force system for an efficient tooth movement in the required direction.  Read more


P126  Orthodontics:  The 2D Lingual Appliance – A Useful Adjunctive Treatment by T Hodge, S Baumgaertel

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The 2D lingual appliance is a popular choice for achieving cost-effective and timely results in carefully selected cases and with the minimum aesthetic impact. This article will describe how to use the appliance and highlight particular areas where introducing it into your clinical practice may be...  Read more

P133  Orthodontics:  Primary Failure of Eruption or Mechanical Failure of Eruption? by G Sharma, L Kneafsey, P Ashley, J Noar

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Failure of eruption (FOE) of first and second permanent molars is rare, with an estimated prevalence of 0.01% in the case of the first permanent molar and 0.06% in the case of the second.1 When there is failure of eruption of a permanent molar, the following differential diagnoses should be...  Read more

P141  Orthodontics:  Early Treatment of Severe Class II Division 1 Malocclusions by S Witwit, D John Spary

The early orthodontic management of a severe Class II division 1 malocclusion and its advantages are discussed. Two cases are described, both of which were successfully treated on a non-extraction basis, with a phase of functional appliance therapy followed by fixed appliances.  Read more

P145  Orthodontics:  Periodontal Exams for Adult Orthodontic Patients by AC Greer, AM Murray, JW Vere

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Adult patients are increasingly interested in having orthodontic treatment but many of these patients have periodontal problems. A periodontal examination should involve a basic periodontal examination (BPE) as well as the identification of any mobility, recession and gingival overgrowth. Each BPE...  Read more

P150  Orthodontics:  A Modified Intrusion Approach for a Periodontally Compromised Adult Patient by S Kumar, Y Reddy Tummuru, S Lodha, C Sawhney

Loss of periodontal attachment in adults usually manifests as pathological migration, traumatic deep bite and irregular dental spacing, which lead to compromised aesthetics and function. This article describes the interdisciplinary management of an adult patient presenting with severe...  Read more