Issue: Volume 11 Number 3 - July 2018

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P85  Editorial Comment:  ‘One size fits all’? by J Sandler

One of the compelling reasons that we were told we had to move to National Recruitment was that this is ‘the way it is done in Medicine’, therefore we had no choice. I never had any truck with this argument, as I always considered orthodontic training in the UK, for the most part, was way...  Read more


P86  Orthodontics:  An Update on Local Anaesthesia in Orthodontics by LMJ Harris, S Grewal, J Puryer, H Naish, JR Sandy, AJ Ireland

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With the increasing use of temporary anchorage devices in orthodontics the use of topical and local anaesthesia is becoming more common in everyday practice. The mode of action, types of anaesthetic and the potential local and systemic complications will be described.  Read more

P93  Orthodontics:  Training and Scope of Practice for Orthodontic Auxiliaries: Where does the UK sit within Europe? by S Barber, R Shah, J O’Neill, A Murray, J Sandler, T Hodge

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This article aims to outline the role and training of orthodontic auxiliaries in the UK, including the development of orthodontic therapists (OTs). The limitations and findings from a survey taken to understand the training and scope of orthodontic auxiliaries across Europe are provided and we...  Read more

P100  Orthodontics:  Can We Justify Combined Orthodontic and Orthognathic Surgery Treatment? by J Good, R Jones, V Sood, C Kelly

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Patients requiring combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgical treatment make up 7% of a UK-based Orthodontic Consultant’s caseload. This has significant time and cost implications within the NHS. In a climate of spending cuts across our health service, a need has arisen to justify service...  Read more

P106  Orthodontics:  Options for Replacing Missing Teeth during Orthodontic Treatment by N O’Rourke, N Taylor

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Patients presenting for orthodontic treatment with missing teeth in the anterior region have an added concern about how aesthetics will be affected over the duration of treatment. It is important to maintain the best possible aesthetics during treatment as this may affect patient confidence,...  Read more

P110  Orthodontics:  Data Protection is Changing – the New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by N Hemmings, J Noar

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) govern the use of personal data within the European Union as from 25th May 2018. This supersedes the legislation of the Data Protection Act (DPA). Whilst it has many similarities to the DPA, it has significant enhancements that require active...  Read more

P116  Orthodontics:  Tricks of the Trade: The Gagging Patient – Salt Solution by MS Ali, J Sandler

Gagging/retching is a normal somatic response by the body, as it attempts to eliminate foreign bodies/objects from the oral cavity by way of muscular contraction of the pharyngeal wall and at the base of the tongue.  Read more