Issue: Volume 10 Number 4 - October 2017

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P125  Editorial Comment:  Comment by J Sandler

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In May Alison Murray and I went to St Petersburg to present a day of orthodontic teaching to Russian delegates.  Read more


P126  Orthodontics:  The Aberrant Canine Part 1: Aetiology and Diagnosis by TK Mittal, NE Atack, HJ Naish, JS Puryer, JR Sandy, AJ Ireland

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The eruption of the permanent canine, particularly the maxillary tooth, is a milestone in dental development. Although often uneventful, occasionally there are disturbances in eruption, the management of which can be one of the more challenging aspects of orthodontics. This article is presented in...  Read more

P132  Orthodontics:  Managing the Adenomatous Odontogenic Tumour (AOT): A Case Series by J Vasudev, J Panesar, R Linklater, J Green, R Kelly

This article aims to alert clinicians to the presentation and management of the adenomatous odontogenic tumour (AOT). AOTs are unusual benign lesions, often associated with unerupted teeth. They commonly present in the second decade of life and may be particularly relevant to the orthodontist and...  Read more

P140  Orthodontics:  Reflections on Twelve Years of Breakages - Lessons to be Learnt by NR Smith

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This paper describes the nature and extent of emergencies and breakages recorded in one clinician’s orthodontic practice over a 12-year period. As this long-term audit progressed the author’s bonding regimen changed to reduce an initially high failure rate and then to cope with even greater bond...  Read more

P146  Orthodontics:  Informed Consent: A Changing Paradigm? by A Arora Gallacher, S Ward

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It is both an ethical and legal obligation for clinicians to ensure patients are fully informed and involved in the decision-making process. A recent landmark case, Montgomery vs Lanarkshire, has emphasized the importance of fully informing patients regarding the risks of treatment and is likely to...  Read more

P151  Orthodontics:  Demonstrating the Benefit of Self-Ligating Brackets in the Management of Severe Dental Crowding on a Non–Extraction Basis by M Basati, C Nightingale

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There is a growing amount of literature describing the benefits of self-ligating brackets; one such benefit is their low friction properties. A clinical case is described in which dental extractions were avoided to alleviate severe crowding and the conclusion is drawn that this may, in part, have...  Read more

P157  Tricks of the Trade:  Tricks of the Trade: Quick Forsus Reactivation Loop by N Narayan Pai, RD Naik, AK Patil

Fixed functional appliances such as Forsus™ (Fatigue Resistant Device, 3M Unitek, Monrovia, CA; frequently require reactivation. For this purpose they are provided with a pair of crimps by the manufacturer but often they do not provide the required amount of reactivation.  Read more

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