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Welcome to Orthodontic Update

Orthodontic Update is a clinical title aimed at the high street orthodontist and general practitioners with a small orthodontic patient list. Whether a specialist, a GDP or a therapist, Orthodontic Update proves an invaluable resource.

Offering practical solutions to issues and challenges occurring within your practice on a daily basis, Orthodontic Update will keep you informed with innovative developments and techniques, ensuring that you remain up-to-date with clinically-relevant information that benefits you and your patients.

Orthodontic Update offers four peer-reviewed issues and provides 16 hours of verifiable CPD per year. A subscription to Orthodontic Update also provides access to an online archive of papers dating back to the journals launch.

2018 Enhanced CPD

We are keen to make the transition to Enhanced CPD as smooth and painless as possible for our members. To help with this we introduced the following:

- All CPD certificates for CPD undertaken from January 2018 onwards (via Dental Update and Orthodontic Update) fully meet the new requirements

- All Dental Update and Orthodontic Update articles now clearly state which development outcome they relate to (A-D)

- Guidance Notes, available for members online

- Online templates for members where they can log their CPD Activity, Personal Development Plan information and Field of Practice notes (and where any CPD, regardless of where undertaken, may be logged)

We understand it is preferable to have all CPD saved in one place and are arranging for any CPD undertaken via Orthodontic Update to be automatically logged going forward. All with the aim of making life easier for our members.


Current Live Edition: Volume 11 Number 3 - July 2018

P85  Editorial Comment:  ‘One size fits all’? by J Sandler

One of the compelling reasons that we were told we had to move to National Recruitment was that this is ‘the way it is done in Medicine’, therefore we had no choice. I never had any truck with this argument, as I always considered orthodontic training in the UK, for the most part, was way...

Kavo Kerr